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Drawing pyramid in CAD program


New member
I am trying to draw pyramid which consists of 4 equal equilateral triangle (100*100*100). But there is a rule that I have use only 100 mm and 60 degree to draw. But I am not able to draw . There are problems about geamatry
As u can see there is agle which has to be 60,but is not :(


Super Moderator
There are many ways to draw this pyramid. Here's what I did (using only the 100 dimension) with the GSD workbench

1. draw a sketch of the first equilateral triangle, with each edge length = 100
2. draw a R 100 sphere (surface) through each of the triangle vertices
3. intersect 2 of the spheres to get a circle
4. intersect the circle with the 3rd sphere, and use Extract option to choose which point
5. draw 3 lines from the point to each of the triangle vertices
6. verified geometry by measuring angles between all the lines
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Super Moderator
This method came from 10th grade geometry class. Most CAD techniques are based on pencil & paper & compass techniques for solving geometry problems.