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Dreaded "Non Connext" error for loft


New member

I'm currently trying to make a tapered, sweptback wing (just a surface for now). I use the point coordinates for the airfoil and make a spline to connect them. Then I filter and turn the point cloud into construction geometry. For some reason, the large airfoil gets selected but the small one gets non connex. I've tried use the sketch analyser and it appears that it is a closed contour. Any ideas. Anyone have experience with airfoils?


Super Moderator
A picture and some more details would help us try to answer your question. I guess you're using the Multi-Section Surface tool to make the surface.

I'm not an airfoil expert; but rather than a single surface, I breakdown airfoils into 3 curves: top, bottom, and leading edge. I then make 3 lofted surfaces (Multi-Section Surface) and add a thin trailing surface at the back. But using single splines should work as well.

Check your smaller spline closely for any loops or bumps. A Porcupine analysis will help.
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