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DWG to PDF, Batch Convering

Julian Reiser

New member

There are a good amount of topics concerning single DWG to PDF conversions, and there are just a few concerning batch conversions.

Basically, i need single PDF files PER drawing to be created, per batch. The way i know to do this is using the Sheet Set Manager (SSM). I have used the SSM extensively because of its ease of convenience to plot multiple drawings or sheet sets all in whichever format i desire. Now this requires Page Setups to be setup before hand, then one needs to select the drawings for plotting, right click, publish, publish using page setup override, select desired custom page setup...

This is all well and good. In fact, i have a PDF Page Setup created that works great! But one problem, it insists on dumping ALL the PDFs into one file! I have tried everything to try and get it to create 1 file per PDF/DWG. I also tried changing "DWF TYPE" under the Sheet Set Publish Options to single-sheet dwf, to no avail. I have fiddled with the PDF Page Setup, and cannot figure it out, nothing works...

Really not much info around about this. I have found lots of info on methods to do as i described, but all lacked info about seperate PDF files per drawing.

If anyone has experience with this and has a solution, please chime in! I would greatly appreciate it! We often have clients who cannot work with DWG or DWF files, so PDFs are often the only solution, and converting 30-100 at a time, one by one is...a nightmare.

Sorry to write so much, i just wanted to be thorough.
thanks for reading! cheers


New member
I am running AutoDWG PDF converter, and this converts thousands of drawing files into PDF automatically, to create separate PDF files per drawing, please run the software and go to the wizard step 2 of 5, and form the pull down menu "Output type" click and choose "Create individual PDF per drawing", this did the trick. Free trail of DWG to PDF converter software is available for download form here:DWG to PDF Converter, Convert DWG to PDF with AutoDWG