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New member
Is there a way to convert .dwg graphics to a .tif format, preferably group 4 ccitt tiff?
Can you do a batch?
... and will it keep line weights and text styles?


New member
I am running AutoDWG dwg to image converter, and it converts thousands of drawing files into JPEG,GIF,PNG,BMP,TIFF automatically, please run the software and go to the wizard step 2 of 7, and from the pull down menu "Output Format" click and select "TIFF(*.TIF)", then click "Options" and choose "CCITT Group 4 (2d) FAX" . In order to keep line weights and text styles please click Use cad default line-weight. Free trail of DWG to image converter software is available for download form here: http://www.autodwg.com/DWG2Image/:p


New member
There are two ways of converting DWG to TIFF. In recent version of Autocad they have given printers for printing DWg to PDF and JPG, which prints the drawing with pen style and text style used in drawing.

It is as good as printing on paper through plotter.
Once you have files in PDF or JPG formats there are many softwares which convert them into TIFF files.

This facility is I think 2007 (Not sure) or 2008 version and above.

Hope this helps

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