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Editing drafting with paramertic model in V5-6R2013.


New member
Is there a way to make a formula for length of section cuts, the point where you take a detail view etc. in a drafting?

I have made a parametric 3d model using the design table and the goal is that when i change the parameters in a 3d model, place of a detail view and other stuff would scale automatically with the part after updating the drafting.

Can you for example make a relation between a length of a section cut and a dimension of a part?


Super Moderator
There are many techniques you could use to "parameterize" a drawing.

For a simple Section View, use a 3D Plane to define where the part is sectioned. The location of the plane can be defined with parameters. The view will update based on the plane's position.

For an offset Section View, make a 3D Sketch to define the cutting plane. The cutting plane can be constrained to 3D features or defined with parameters.
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New member
Thanks! 3D Sketch worked with section cuts.

Now I still need to parameterize coordinates for points where detail views are taken. Is this possible to define them in 3D model? Also is there a method to make dimension extension lines to scale with the size of a part.


Super Moderator
I tried severel different types of detail views, and none of them are defined with geometry that can be parameterized or linked to other geometry. But there might be a way to do with measures.

Extension lines of dimensions are anchored to the geometry. As the part and drawing is modified, the dimensions should reflect the current shape and size.


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