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Editing extrusions

I finally joined now that I have a question to ask! We're running a SW2010 installation right now.

When I create an extrusion (from a sketch), I'm finding that the .sldprt model no longer automatically updates when I edit the dimension. It has always automatically updated, but now for some reason it only updates after I manually Rebuild. Does anyone know what I did here to cause this and how I can get it to automatically rebuild the part?

Example: Sketch a square, extrude to 20 inches. The object is complete and I double-click on the Extrude feature in the tree in order to display the annotation on the screen (20 inches). When I double-click on that, and the Modify window appears, I enter a new value, say 15 inches, and accept that change, the model does not automatically change (rebuild) until I manually tell it to rebuild.


New member
Try changing settings in the system options/performance tab. I was having the same issue (didn't know there was a possibility of automatic rebuid). I changed the level of detail to less, and the rest of the settings to always. Now it is rebuilding automatically.