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Efficient Cross-tie modeling


New member
Hello. I am attempting to design a roller coaster in CATIA to enhance my skills. I would like to know if any of you have a suggest for the most efficient way to create the cross-ties in between the rails. The rails are equally spaced 50 inches apart. I created them using the rib feature. I want 3x3" square tubes spaced apart at 48" to connect each rail together. The track goes up and down hills, curves left and right, but never at the same time (and it never banks or rolls either).

Currently, on a straight section of track I am using linear pattern. When I get to a curve I draw a new sketch, pad the cross tie, and then do a circular sketch. It is very time consuming to do this for each different section of track. Any suggestions?



New member
I can make a power copy of the cross-tie pad but I will still have to use the linear and circular pattern feature for each track sections, correct? I would like to find a way to do the entire track at once if possible.


Super Moderator
My first thought was to use PowerCopy to make each tie. Which would be required if each tie was a different length and angle. I was thinking of creating an equal number of equally spaced points on each rail, and use the two points as input for each PowerCopied tie.

But it sounds like you're looking for something more automatic.

Are you working with a CATPart or CATProduct? Maybe group each section of ties, and then pattern (or transform) the group?