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EPC oil jacket build in Solidwork


Hi, i am a shop drawing manager for a big EPC company. We build EPC jackets for oil platforms. Today we use Autocad and a inhouse made ad in/plug in for our 3D design and 2d shop drawings. In my previous job i used Solidworks and i am certain that my company would gain productivity with using SW compared to the solution we use today.

Im doing some testing for my company in Solidworks now.

For the moment i am using weldment to model the main structure and model the other parts onto the weldment structure without merging. Then i make parts of each elevation frame/side frames. Legs and so on. Then drawings of them. And then i assemble the parts again. So the main model works like a design foundation. But the final assembly from the parts are the final model.

Is this a good way or does anyone have a better solution? If you google epc jacket, oil jacket you will see how they are made.

There will also be some piping on the jackets. Inside the corner legs. Does anyone have some good solutions how i can mate clamps/pipesupports onto the structure?

Best regards