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error update: multi-sections solid


New member
I 'm building a propeller. But when i use "multi-sections solid", it have a problem. After i choose sketches and closing point, i click button "ok", it has announcement. :confused:. error update: Multi-sections solid 1: Sweep operater: the extrusion of a vertex of the profile leads to a cusp. Use a guide with a smaller curvature.
How can i fix this problem.
i don't know how to add the picture, so i use "attachments" to add the picture about problem.
Please help me, thanks.


  • error.bmp
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Super Moderator
Quang, that message could be the result of many situations. Could be the closing points. Might be the guide curve (but I'm not sure if you need one). Are you using a "spine"? Are all the sections going in the same direction?

If you could attach a picture of your CATIA screen (showing the sketches and tree) when you get the message, maybe we can figure out exactly what the problem is.


New member
i fixed it

i fixed it yesterday. the problem is closing point. first i choose the closing point is at the trailing edge of airfoil, it did not work. So i tried change the closing point to the leading edge of airfoil. And it worked.
thanks mrcatia. i have begun studying Catia. i hope that i would have more experience about it.


  • gui.bmp
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