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Errors when using Catia


New member
Hi, several of our user report they have problems when using Catia, after using Catia with more complex job, the program shutdowns with error


Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank your for answers.


Super Moderator
I'm guessing you have a problem with your Nvidia graphics card, since the error message points you to their web page for help. Did you find anything there? Are you using CATIA certified hardware? You might also want to get your CATIA VAR involved to help.

In the meantime, I suggest your users open these complex assemblies in the Visualization Mode to reduce the graphics requirements.
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One other suggestion, (although it might not be related to this specific problem): Run the CATDUA utility program to clean the CATIA files (CATProducts, CATParts and CATDrawings). I suggest having your users run this on a regular basis.

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