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Estimate vision range in CATIA in car design


New member
Hi everyone,

Sorry for maybe a stupid question, I am a new student in CATIA. Unfortunately in my school they do not use CATIA, so I must ask forum.

I am designing a small car project for student, and the regulation has some constraint in vision range of the driver, for example, not to be blocked by the car body. Usually we assume that this vision constraint is not so difficult to achieve. However, recently I have seen someone did this by CATIA, I just got their picture for illustration. I attach here for your reference. I just would like to ask which workbench in CATIA is suitable for this, i.e constraint analysis, and if possible, could you suggest me some tutorials.

Thank you very much.



Super Moderator
The attached picture could be achieved several ways; maybe with a drafting view. Or maybe with the 3D model and a sketch representing the viewing angle, or a surface representing the cone of vision.

CATIA does include a suite of Ergonomic workbenches that include a manikin like the one in the picture. Do a google search for "CATIA HUMAN BUILDER" for more info. I have never used these tools and don't know too much about them.

Or you could simulate what you would actually see from the driver's seat with VIEW + RENDER STYLE + PERSPECTIVE and then using VIEW + WALK or VIEW + FLY the change the viewing direction. Here's a little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVwBtKWHMJ0
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