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exploding a design


Hy everyone, I am leaning to use Autodesk Inventor and in creating a piece of furniture I got stuck. I am creating a furniture through a solid by cutting out edges and partitions and extrude through, to make the hollow section. nows comes to seperate the parts I am stuck. I realise I should of done it through assembly but I guess I learn my lesson from now on. But in the mean time is there any way I can explode the parts so they all can be seperate? I have attached a picture of what I am doing. Please help. thanks in advance.


If those are all separate features I think you are stuck with what you have. You need to create each part as a part and then create an assembly and assemble all the parts into the assembly.

It will explode on its own. Only when you least want it to.


I'm not the best Inventor user, but I think you should be able to split it into a multi-body part? Check the official Inventor Multibody support page, you may find it useful - " Use the Split command with the Split Solid option to create separate bodies in a part file. "

If you get it sorted and intend to show the assembly procedure, then check out Cadasio (y)