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Extracting Annotation from CAT Product?


New member
Hi all,

I'm a very new user to Catia, about two weeks now, coming from UG, Pro/E, and Solidworks.

I just received a CATProduct file from a customer. At the bottom of the model tree, there is a "Annotation set 1", with three seperate sets of annotation each titled, "Title Block", "General Notes", and "Revisions".

How can I extract the annotation? I've tried the copy/paste which doesn't work..

Please help, I've wasted 2 hours on this:confused:

once you've opened the text in the Text Editor (as shown in your screen capture), use Ctrl+c to copy and Ctrl+v to paste.
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Geeze, that was easy.
The only copy/paste function I didn't try and it works!
Thank you sir!
once you've opened the text in the Text Editor (as shown in your screen capture), use ctrl&c to copy and ctrl&v to paste.

Do you have any idea on why one may go about entering a titleblock, notes, and revision block in this manner? Is there any kind of possiblilty that there once may have been a CATDrawing linked, which originally contained this info?
My guess is the originator of the 3D model is trying to eliminate the need for a drawing by putting the information in the 3D model.


They might be using the 3D model as the parent source of this data, and exporting this data to their PDM system, drawing, and other things.

I guess the only way to find out is to ask the originator. :)

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