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Extracting multiple edges without selecting all of them


I,m working in gsd and i have a big complex surface. Everytime I wanna make a multisection surface i need to extract edges from surface edges. I ca do this by using join and selecting edges. However, the amount of edges I need to pick are many. In Solidworks I can choose "select chain" and I do not need to select every edge manually. Is there a function in Catia for this?

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In many CATIA commands you have the option to select curves by "propagation"

No Propagation will only choose the edge selected

Tangent Propagation will select all sequential edges that the tangent to each other

Point Propagation will select all sequential edges until more than 2 edges share a common end point

Here's a tip: When using JOIN to combine several curves, use the FEDERATE ALL option. The resulting Join curve will behave as a single curve.
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