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Few tangential lines are not visible in drafting


New member
I am facing a problem while creating a view in drafting. some lines do not even appear.

Pls refer the attached image for detailed info.

Regards and thanks



Super Moderator
Is this a surface or a solid? If it's a surface, the 3D Wireframe option should be turned on.

Try some of the other view generation options. I think what you have in the upper-right corner (EXACT mode) is the best view for a drawing, although the upper-left (APPROXIMATE mode) looks identical to what you did manually.
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New member
It doesn't matter if it is a solid or surface, but i need the lines to be visible as per the manual drawing in the image above. I am not able to get all of those lines, but I have seen few cases where it was possible. All the tangential lines would be of different thickness than the boundary lines. The problem is I am unable to get all the tangential lines which is on the part. Is it possible to change some settings or standards to solve my problem? I need these lines to appear in EXACT mode. It does appear in APPROXIMATE mode though.


New member

I think you just need to disable the generative view style usage.
you can go to Tools>Options>mechanical design>drafting>administration> then select the "Prevent generative view style usage"

hope this would help. got the same problem too on new machines.