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FINALLY!! Tutorial of Audi R8 with Solidworks has been uploaded !!


New member
Congratulations Guys !! , We've finally done what we promised you and uploaded the whole videos of the tutorial of creating Audi R8 with Solidworks through which you can MASTER Solidworks Surfacing and complex shape modeling

THIS tutorial is only can be found on 3dcadforums and you will never get disappointed by the lack of surfacing tutorials ,

In this tutorial you won't feel frustrated anymore for the hardness of using Solidworks Surfaces , Step by Step you can gain the experience to do anything with this tutorial , This tutorial is 14 hours with a good resolution , it's 53 videos of continuous complex modeling !! ,It's the only online tutorial for complete solidworks surfacing , so you must watch it !!

ATTENTION !!!!!! : to understand the tutorial you MUST download the images from my imgur : Images forSolidworks Audi R8 Video tutorial - Imgur (No ads)

and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and begin this tutorial with your college mates ;)

subscribe here to get more videos ;) : http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LostEliteGuy