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Finding Duplicate Surfaces in V5


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yesterday, BuckMaster asked a good question in a private message:

Please help if possible..
I am a newer usr to v5 and do a lot of GSD modeling.
Is there a way of checking to locate dup surf in v5.
I am currently on R16. with a HD2 lic.
Buckmaster, I don't think there is a feature in CATIA to check for duplicate surfaces. But I found a post in Eng-Tips that has a couple suggestions you might want to try:


Be careful with the DELETE USELESS ELEMENTS - I've seen it delete a bunch of parameters that were not "useless"
Finding duplicate surfaces

I'm glad that I found a site with very good help.

Thank you all very much.
I have a new tip from a buddy on Sunday..

If this helps anyone, when using the healing com. highlight all surf's and pick the Visualzation tab.
check the "ALL" box and then pick Preview.
If there is a duplicate surf it will show a boundry of 4 GREEN curves that outline the double surf.

Thanks again
If you can use Healing Assistant - use the Surface Connection Checker. This will tell you all the problems including duplicates.

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