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Flat patterns into drafting in NX4

Little John

New member
Hi all,

I'm trying to get both a flat pattern and a bent pattern view into drafting. The way some people have done it is to make two separate identical models and update both of them. This can be disastorous if they change one model and not the other. In NX2, we did it with family tables, using the PIP_NAV as a switch to have the flange bent or straightened, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore in NX4. Any suggestions?


New member
This can be done using a commands found in the NX Sheet Metal Application. There are commands that will create an associative flat pattern of curves and a solid body. The curves will be placed view dependent in a new view and the flat solid will be automatically placed in a reference set. The original formed solid is still intact as well.
To simply get the information in the drawing you can swap the reference set or use the view which contains the flat pattern of curve as you insert your drawing view. Use Insert View from File to insert different data from the master part file. This is how you can show both the flat and formed data.