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Flatten Sheet Metal - Quick Question.. weird!

cbr shadow

New member
I'm new to the Sheet Metal features in Solidworks, but I'm using it to design a big steel pumpkin for a work project. The pumpkin is made from (30) vertical strips. Everything looks great, except when I use the flatten tool it gives me an INCORRECT flattened part. Really strange!
Here's a picture of the part. I'm also attaching a picture of the full assembly and the flattened view at the top of the drawing.
Pumpkin Screenshot 1.jpgPumpkin Screenshot 2.jpgPumpkin Screenshot 3.jpg

The flattened view should be thickest at the middle and taper on both ends, but it's shown as being narrow the whole way except for the ends which come to a point. I can't figure out why it doesn't flatten correctly.

I used a youtube training tutorial which did something very similar but their flattened view turned out fine. The main difference between their model and mine was that they used a single continuous curve where I had (3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!