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Flow along surface Issue


New member
Hi There,

I have a Rhino 3D file in which I need to "Flow along Surface" a set of details around a dome with a hole in the top. As you would find in a old roman church etc..

I have the elongated half sphere, I have cut a hole in the top using split surface by isocurve and also makehole (although makehole is acting weird and projecting the hole out of the semi sphere) I then delete the projection.

I then proceed to "flow along surface" my detailing but the detailing does not conform to the surface with the hole in the top. Rather it acts as if the dome is whole/complete.

Is there something I'm missing in regards to making the hole maybe? or is this just the way of things in Rhino? as always any and all help is much appreciated.

Dome issue 1.jpgDome issue 2.jpg


New member
I figured it out, I hadn't trimmed after the removal of the hole in the top of the dome. Once trimmed it flowed perfectly.