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formulas are invisible


New member
my problem is that all my parameters are unavailable and invisible from any menu I've tried (f(x) button, right-click and edit formula). If I manualy create a parameter like ratio or something, it will appear in the tree. When I open the formula dialog box (as I've mentioned previously), I can only see the latest parameters (like atio). I tried saving the part, product, change the filter, check or uncheck fields in the options, but it didn't do a thing.

Also, what bothering me is that it was working yesterday. If I create a new product, there is the same trouble. Something special is that all the formulas previously written (like yesterday) aren't visible (well I mean, I can chage the value in the user defined parameter but I can't see the links and writings in the formula box) but still act parametric.

Thanks for help!


Super Moderator
make sure you're not in the optimized mode - check the icon in the upper-left corner of the Fomula Editor window
formula editor.jpg