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Free CATIA V5 Tutorials Download

Demo CDs for Free-Downloaded CATIA V5 Tutorials

If you haven't completed my CATIA tutorials, you may be interested in watching my demonstration first.

There is a click-by-click video lesson for each tutorial, stored in a separate DVD. Each video (Resolution: 1024x763) runs in normal speed and you can see all my cursor movements.

CATIA Tutorial 1 - Toy Excavator (1 hr 8min)
This is a fundamental course that helps you quickly understand how to build a simple model by CATIA. It is easy to follow and suitable for those who are new to CAD systems.

CATIA Tutorial 2 - Computer Mouse (1hr 18min)
This tutorial guides you how to build a 3D model (a stylish computer mouse) based on the 2d outlines.

CATIA Tutorial 3 - Design with Analysis (2hr)
You will learn how to build a product, test it and finally optimize it in a virtual environment by CATIA & MSC Nastran.

CATIA Tutorial 4 - Freeform Surfaces (2hr)
This is another example to build a 3d model from 2d outlines, but this time you are going to use Freeform surfaces to build. After this tutorial, you will experience the difference between Freeform surfacing and the traditional parametric surface modeling.


Now available at
eBay My World -dicksonshamshop

(mainland china)
dicksonshamshop in Taobao, China
Download Problem

When I try to download the tutorials I get an error message to the effect that I am not authorised to assess this server - has anyone else had this problem, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi dicksham,

I too get an error message saying. dont have permission to access on this server. Please suggest any alternative method to get those tutorial fiels.


I need the Catia V5 tutorials as a beginner. Kindly tell how to download the tutorials. I registered already. Please help me.

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