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FREE DEMO CATIA V5 for Mechanical Designers Online Training (FD_CV5_MD_EN_OL_01)

We invite you to register to this FREE demonstration course related to our online course: CATIA V5 for Mechanical Designers Online Training (CV5_MD_EN_OL_01), by clicking on link below.

The duration of this free demonstration course is of maximum 2 days, but you receive 2 weeks access, 24/7.

This online course CATIA V5 for Mechanical Designers (CV5_MD_EN_OL_01) is based on CATIA V5 Infrastructure, Sketcher, Part Design, Assembly Design and Drafting modules, covering both 3D and 2D modelling of mechanical parts, and helps students, engineers and technicians become specialists in designing mechanical parts and creating the necessary data inside CATIA V5 for the manufacturing of mechanical parts through a complete process, practically proven and developed by GURUCAD in 16 years of work on projects for Airbus, Boeing, Comac, Lufthansa, Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi, therefore practitioners and not theoreticians.


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