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FREE Instructions on how to create a casting.


New member
I'm offering step by step instructions on how to create a casting using multi-body construction techniques. What's shown is how to link both RAW and FINSHED features together as well as RH and LH sides (see attached .jpg file). How to use Modify Links to make a .CATDrawings, as well as using this type of construction in your mold designs. Before and after .CATParts are provided for your examination along with full documentation. You can download it all free form my website at Solid Engineering Solutions, CATIA V5. All parts were created using CATIAV5 R19.

I hope you enjoy this technique as much as I did creating it. Question, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank You



Super Moderator
Well done TSQMAN!

I just went through the 29-page instruction document and found it well-written for an intermediate or advanced CATIA user. I learned several things from this document.

I know many companies use similar methods in CATIA to model cast parts.

One suggestion: include more explanation of why things are done a certain way, and describe why various CATIA options are used.

Thanks for sharing and providing this advanced training material.


New member
Hello MrCATIA:

Thank for your comments and suggestions I will try to include them in my next document.

The best reward a teacher can have is if a student learns at least one thing from the information provided. You made my day!

Thank You
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