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Galaxy Chocolate Model


New member
hi, I have been asked to create a model of a piece of galaxy chocolate which will ultimately be CNCd. I am quite familiar with rhino although dont have much experience of organic shapes such as this. I know there is the option of T-splines but have been told to stick with nurbs as i will get a better, more controlled model?

This is the image i have been given. (it is the standard out now in the UK if that helps anyone)



New member
From my experience, T-Splines converts into very accurate NURBS surfaces.
Anyway, what I'm able to identify from the very small image, that piece of chocolate doesn't look overly complicated to be modeled with NURBS. Do you have a larger image? To me as non-UK resident, galaxy chocolate is not familiar...


New member
Yummy :D
Yes, I think using T-Splines would be the most simple approach; although it would be possible to model that with splines and surfaces with a bit more effort.
After having converted the T-Spline to NURBS you should project the letter (G) onto the surface, split it, create an offset and fillets.