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Geometric Sets in Part Bodies


New member

My company recently "Upgraded" my catia rev and now i can nolonger place the geometric sets under a part body. Can some one tell me what option i need to toggle to make this happen? i tried allowing hybrid bodies and that didn't help (Hybrid bodies are not allowed by our customers) so i looked thru the rest of the options and i can't see what would have to be toggled.

i use this method all the time since our customers will not take assembly files and it make s the data easier to manage so please there has to be a fix for this, i just can't find it :(


New member
I am running a "customer flavor" of R16

i could do it in the previous flavor for this customer but now i am not allowed to. i assume that the flavor is just different settings that they like to use so i am hoping that i can just toggle a button and have it work.


Super Moderator
I'm still running R15, and I'm not having any problems. I can either insert a new Geometrical Set and specify a Father, or I can move an existing Geometrical Set by using Change Geometric Set.

I don't see any Tools + Options that would prevent you from doing this.