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Graphic Card Performance


New member

I wanted to ask whats more important for Working and Rendering in ACAD - a fast CPU or a decent gfx.

I plan to buy a thinkpad with nvidia nvs 3100m 512mb. Will it be enought? The cpu is an i7-620M and, of cource, 4 GB Ram.

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New member
CAD Comp.

Usually AutoCad uses only one Core or eventually one side of that Core's, so the best choice to use AutoCad is: Get the highest clock you can at each Core. The memory of 4Gb will be a normal choice if you gonna use a 64Bit OS, otherwise you will use only 3GB. About the graphic card, you can get a good card whit 512Mb, that will help you at drawing things, but on my opinion to render using AutoCad is waste of time... So if you wanna render something get some other software and don't buy a Laptop.

I hope that helps


New member
you need an FX or fire card.

you want the FX card option. NVS is for general office work. with no 3D capability. and autocad 2007 & up has come a long way rendering wise IMO. there a setting in autocad 2004 up to at least 2007. I think it whip or something? it will use 2 cores, 1 core just for rendering.

My Rig: Dell precision T3500 Xeon W3520 X58 chip (same spec's as i7-920 DO) 8Gb ddr3 ECC
300GB raptor 3G & 750GB WD black W/ 2) FX580-512mb with 2)FX600-1gb on the way
for Xmas :cool:

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