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Group Annotations using VBA

John Wayman

New member
I have no experience of API or VBA, so excuse my clumsy way of asking questions.
I am hoping to introduce my users to the CommonNotes macro by Lenny Kikstra, in order to place standard notes on our drawings.
As it stands, the macro produces 2 separate annotations:
the heading 'NOTES' , underlined and in a large typeface
the numbered list of Notes, not underlined and in a smaller typeface.

The 2 annotations are quite separate, so if I drag the heading, the notes do not follow and vice versa.

In SW, once I have placed the heading and the notes using the macro, I can easily CTRL-Select both heading and notes and Tools, Align, Group, to make the annotations 'stick together'.

How could I go about modifying Mr. Kikstra's macro to group the annotations automatically?

I note that his website has not been updated since 2007, so I can't ask him.

I would welcome any advice.


SW2014, SP5