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New member
I'm doing a drawing and in this drawing I have solid geometry as well as some sketches I'm using to represent movement of the solid geometry

I'm sure you can see what I mean by looking at the photo.

I got the hatching to work by doing 2 hatches and for each, drawing a line (in drafting mode) through my existing sketches (I would then have to hide the lines I drew). The problem I was having is that when I selected the profile the hatch would cover the geometry.

I would like to be able to do the job in one hatch and have the geometry be "on top" of the hatch. It is possible to do this?

It would be nice if there was a way as it seems like to get anything to work properly in catia it needs to be jerry rigged.

This is what I mean:


Super Moderator

I tried to figure out some neat way to get the hatched area to look like your first picture. The only way to get it is to jerry-rig it.

You might be able to include the open, non-hatched area in the sketch that you're projecting.

I drew the dog-bone shape directly on the drawing by using the drafting tools instead of the sketcher tools.

My best trick was to make two Area Fills: the first one based on the outside shape and filled in with a crosshatch pattern. For the inside open area, I added a second Area Fill by selecting the lines & curves on the drawing. But I modified this second fill changing the crosshatching to a white color. This colored Area Fill trimmed back the hatching, but let the geometry show through.


New member
Thank you sir. I actually figured out how to do it using a combination of the sketch and the drafting tools. Not as poetic as I would like it to be but we are working with Catia :rolleyes: