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Have problem making the surfacing smooth for object.

I'm trying to make this shape as smooth as possible (G2) But I can't make the center surface smooth, even with using fill surface tool. I tried Surface lofting the entire half at once instead (as seen on right) but It still has dips and abrupt changes in surface. I realize making surface transitions from a flat to a curve are usually tricky but the design has to be that way... I've run out of solutions and would appreciate someone's help.A1.jpg
I also tried an alternative way, by using filled surface to construct the entire front end but I get bumps as seen below and the edge does not blend well into the back cylindrical form..b1.gif
I re-did the entire form with loft sections that aren't completely circular. It's getting there but there are still wrinkles in the form. Not sure why.


What software are you using? Perhaps, you should use another approach such as creating the main form and than treat the edge later.

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