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Helical Sweep around an irregular shape


New member
I want to create windings around an rectangular core, I've tried with helix options but they do not allow me to escape from the circular pattern, any ideas on how can i work on this thing?


Super Moderator
I just modeled an inductor which had a wire wrapped around a circular core with a square cross-section. It's pretty easy. If you can describe the shape of your core (or attach a picture), I'll provide the step-by-step directions.

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Author of this method: unknown

1. Switch to Gen Shape Design workbench
2. Create a sketch of the rectangular shape of the helix centerline. Extrude this to create a surface.
3. Define a starting point on the edge of the surface
4. Define a reference line at the starting point
5. Define an Angle/Normal To Curve line:
5a. Curve is the reference line
5b. Support is extruded surface
5c. Point is starting point
5d. Angle = 5deg (take a guess) Verify direction with Preview – might have to make it a negative value to flip the direction
5e. Length = 100 (take a guess at total length of helix curve)
5f. Choose option “Geometry On Support”
5g. Click OK
6. Look at result, and change the Angle to adjust the pitch, and change the End to extend the helical length.
7. Add curves at both ends, and Join the curves together
8. Use Sweep Surface with a radius to represent the wire
9. Switch to Part Design workbench
10. Use Close Surface to make a solid from the swept surface.
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