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helix SWEEP OR LOFT ring design

Sammy T

New member
Right - this is truly doing my head in as i have a feeling that it is really easy

I am trying to draw a diamond ring:

1. Inside diameter of ring is 16.43mm
2. Trying to get a helix (ish) shape - one end of helix is square profile (4mm), the other end 4mm circle with a smooth transition throughout the sweep of the helix.
3. Where the two points intersect, i am trying to get a 2mm intersection.

I have attached a quick pic to give a bit of a better indication.

Id appreciate any help to get this going

Many thanks



New member
Are you wanting to do a revoled boss of say a diamond smooth diamon without the edges cut ? Or would you prefer to loft the actual diamond shape ?

I would have thought it would be easier to sketch the wide profile of a diamond (plan view) offset a plane and sketch a point. Then loft the diamond profile to a point. Then for the opposite end offset the surface and draw a smaller diamond plan profile and extrude to that.

Hope that makes sense. Unfortunately I'm not on a CAD station so I can't try it or post it. Either way I think lofting would be easy and quick.


New member
I have a hard time understanding you need :confused:

Can you be more specific. Do you have part to share (which might have the errors or not completed fully) to understand much better or can you draw some hand made sketches to show what you need.