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Help: creating a frustum frame (square pyramid)


Hi there,

I'm trying to create a wooden fame frustum, that is, a square pyramid.
The problem here are the slanted beams. I'm somewhat puzzled because a protrusion is based on a 2D sketch and thus can only be slanted in one plane.
The beam I'm trying to create is slanted in two planes.

In real life you'd just cut off the top and the bottom of the wooden beam and it would fit between the two surfaces.

I've been trying with an alternate coordinate system but that seems to be too far fetched.

How do you model such a seemingly easy shape?


Solid DNA

New member

There is many ways to create that kind of shape

Depending what you need to control

I would propose a first way of doing this:

  • First create a sketch on a plane that will look like a square
  • Create a second sketch on a parallel plane that will also look like a square.
  • Then use the Loft command to join the two sketches

You will have the control over the height of the shape, the size of the bottom and the top


Something like this ??

Obviously here the top does not have a platform, it is a full pyramid, anyhow the base should give you ideas and hopefully start you in the right direction.