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Help for Macro


New member
Hello guys, I'm in need for a little help!

I'm actually writing a macro but it does'nt work the way I'd want it.

What I want: I have an assembly with multiple parts in it, I want to make a selection of all the parts automatically, then, inside each item of the selection, that it makes a selection of the edges of the item.

How I wrote it at the moment:
Sub CATMain()

Dim NbParts As Integer
Dim CATDoc As Document
Dim CATSel As Selection
Dim CATProduct As Product
Dim j As Integer

Set CATDoc = CATIA.ActiveDocument
Set CATSel = CATDoc.Selection
Set CATProduct = CATDoc.Product
If CATSel.Count = 0 Then                       
  CATSel.Search "(CATLndSearch.Part),all"     ' since I don't make a selection at first, selection of all the parts
End If

NbParts = CATSel.Count

For j = 1 To NbParts
    Dim intNbEdges As Integer
    Dim doc, sel, spa, ref, measurable
    Dim inputObjectType(0)
    Dim i As Integer
    Set doc = CATIA.ActiveDocument
    Set sel = CATSel.Item(j)
    Set spa = doc.GetWorkbench("SPAWorkbench")
    sel.Search "Topology.CGMEdge,all"
    intNbEdges = sel.Count
MsgBox intNbEdges

    For i = 1 To intNbEdges
        Set myCircle = sel.Item(i)
        If myCircle.Type = "TriDimFeatEdge" Then

             On Error Resume Next 
             Set ref = sel.Item(i).Reference
             Set measurable = spa.GetMeasurable(ref)
             Dim Coordinates(2)
             measurable.GetCenter Coordinates
             Dim Radius As Long
             Radius = measurable.Radius
            On Error Goto 0

             MsgBox "x = " & Coordinates(0) & Chr(10) & "y = " & Coordinates(1) & Chr(10) & "z = " & Coordinates(2) & Chr(10) & "Diametre = " & 2 * Radius & "PartName = " & CATProduct.Name
    End If
End Sub
Either it takes the whole assembly, or it won't take anything because it doesn't work.
Does anybody have an idea?

Best Regards