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Help needed on making a shape


New member

:confused:I'm not good and very new to surfaces, sweeps, freeforms and so on. I have managed to make a shape I wanted but it took me hell of a lot of time. Can anyone advise or show how I can best make the following shape the quickest way and easiest way?:


I thank You all again!:)

The left side is same as right side. And top side is same as bottom side, its just i cut the picture in half but it is symmetrical.
Well what i would do is an extrude of the geometry of the base, and then do cut extrudes/fillets to get the shape desired

Hi Virts
Not sure how you built your model however I have attached a method that creates a shape similar to the picture you gave. You can mess with, sizes, angles and radius settings to change the loft end result. Hope this helps


    201.5 KB · Views: 22

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