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Help on Cam and Plate mate!!


New member
Hi all,

This is my first post here. I have some problem in cam and plate assembly. I am designing 4 cams which is driven by 2 parallel shafts and a plate was sitting on top of the cams. I have difficulty in mating the plate and the cams. I am using mechanical mate - cam - Camfollower. I am confusing. Can someone here please explain to me. There are 12 surfaces on a cam I designed. which should i choose for cam follower surface? all the surface on the 4 cams? please help here. Thanks in advance.
I'm not that great with solidworks and im not sure if you found out how to do it or not but on the cam shaft, you need to select all the faces which will rub against your plate for the first bit. For the follower, all you need to do is select the face of the plate and then that should be it!! Though im having trouble because it says something along the lines of the camshaft has a radius smaller than the follower which may cause rubbing, or something like that and then it doesn't work!!!