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help: plane and view does not coincidence

hi guys, i have a big issiue

when i want to draw a sketch on a certain plane, the view of part does not proportional to the part

it is change when i pan the part, like this i did not make any orbit rotation i just pan to left in this picture.. help please..

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Try adjusting your Tools Options.

Go to Tools + Options, and choose Mechanical Design + Sketcher and activate the following options:

Grid: Display: This will display a grid when you're working on sketch.

Sketch Plane: Shade Sketch Plane. This will shade the sketch plane to help you understand which plane you are working in.

Sketch Plane Postion Sketch Plane Parallel To Screen. This will rotate your view to match the sketch plane


Super Moderator
If you rotate the view while working on a sketch, you can rotate it back to a true view with the View + Modify + Normal View command.

Repeating the command will rotate the view 180 degrees.