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Help to spline



I cant make geometry in the attachment, i hope someone of your can doit,


  • Help to this geometry.pdf
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Do you want to make this spline in SolidWorks (like the attached) or CATIA ?
I want to make it in CATIA, but It does not seem I not have the same choices,
He writes I should give the handle a length of 40, but how is that possible, when the circle is only 40mm?

What is Collinear Relation in CATIA?


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CATIA and SolidWorks are two different programs with different tools and options and different terminology. Of course you will not be able to follow the SolidWorks instructions exactly with CATIA.

I've created a little instruction for making a Spline in a CATIA sketch. There are many ways you could do this, but I've tried to show you one method that is similar to the instructions.

Also, there are three different ways to draw Splines in CATIA V5. Each way is a little different.
  1. Spline in a sketch (as described in the instructions)
  2. 3D Spline
  3. 2D Spline (spline on a plane)


  • CATIA spline.pdf
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Morning MrCATIA

Thanks for the guide, but you get the same profile I did, but I am looking for a way to make the profile there are in the SolidWorks guide,

I know there are differences between the 2 programs, and I can't do it in the same way in both programs

I am curious how I can define my spline so that it looks like the one from the guide, see attachments.

The closest I've come so far is by adding a control point and then dragging it into place so that it roughly matches the profile from the guide

I'm wondering if I should make it in SolidWorks and then measure myself to the measurements I think I'm missing to make sure they are 100% identical

Thanks again for your help and time


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Again, two different programs using different algorithms to fit curves. You will never be able to get 100% identical curves, but you should be able to match it "close enough"

Several things you could try:
1. add more control points to the sketch Spline (as you show above)
2. use a Conic curve instead of a Spline, and adjust the Parameter to adjust the curve
3. use a 3D Spline with Tensions to adjust the curve

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