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Help with 3D PolyMesh to 3D Solid- Please Help

Caleb Keys

New member
Ok, well I'm relatively new with 3D printing and design. I haven't made much but I found this file of a Suros Regime from the video game Destiny on destinystlgenerator.com
Well my best friend loves this weapon in the game and his birthday is coming up. So I decided to print him a life sized one. I bought all this filament and I taught myself how to cut the parts in netfabb to fit on my print bed but they're pretty much hollow and won't print together very well because of this. I tried to make it a complete solid in AutoCAD 2015 but it keeps saying "Mesh not converted because it is not closed or it self-intersects." and I have no idea what to do. Been googling for over an hour to try and find a fix. Can anyone help me? I have attached the Wiremesh below, hope a zipped dxf file is okay?

Any help is more than welcome and appreciated! Any links, info, tutorials anyone knows of, anything! Please I'd really like to do this for my buddy!