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Help with Assemblies


Hello everyone,

I'm new here and still learning Solidworks. I have a question about assemblies. I'm designing an off road buggy and using rod ends for the suspension. I have made an assembly of the rod end consisting of the body and the pivot ball but when I insert that assembly into my final assembly the ball locks in the body and does not pivot in the body the way I want it to. What am I doing wrong? I have attached a PDF of the rod end.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



New member
By default assemblies are solved in the 'rigid' state. By inserting the assembly in another assembly it becomes a rigid body. The steps to solve your problem are very simple, but not obvious to a beginner. First, open the master assembly (the one in which you inserted the assembly of the rod end). In the feature tree right click on the rod end assembly. Click on the component properties button. In the window that pops up there are two radio buttons in the lower right corner. The radio that says rigid should be selected. Click the radio button that says flexible, then ok. Now the assembly should move as it was in the original assembly file.