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Help with DMU Kinematics (Joints)


New member
So I have an Assembly like so: CNEXT_2018-12-03_08-12-38.jpg. I can make the wheel roll using a Roll Curve Joint, and I can make the base move with the wheel if I use a Rotation Joint, but then the base rotates around the wheel as an axis. Is there a way I can have the base (and other parts) move forward with the wheels? I'm assuming I'd have to use some kind of joint but I'm not sure which. (There are nails in the joints)


Super Moderator
It would help a lot if you could attach a picture showing the tree with all the parts in the assembly.

A couple suggestions:

1. You need a fixed part - The "road" that the wheel will roll on. This part should contain one of the curves that's in the Roll Curve joint.

2. The "base" is the scooter frame? It's connected to the wheel, but what else is it connected to?

3. Make sure the joint definition geometry actually belongs to the correct part

4. When you have all the Joints defined; you should have a closed loop. The Road is connected to the Wheel, which is connected to the base, which is connected to the ???, which is connected to the Road.

5. And you will need to choose one of the joints to be the Driver. Maybe the Roll Curve joint?


New member
Here is the full design. I have a "Surface" defined in another file, and I have gotten the wheels to move on the surface, but I can't access it right now. The when the wheels move, the other parts don't move with them, which is what i'm try to make happen.

The Parts that begin with 9 are nailsCNEXT_Drsw7RXjww.jpg