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Help with freeform, lofts etc! Please!


New member
Hello all! I'm new here so thanks for your help in advance. I desperately need help modeling the head of the image below!

I have been trying to model the below robot for a while now. I have pretty much everything going along smoothly in an assembly except for the head! I can NOT figure out how to get that modeled. You can probably get a pretty good idea of the shape from the drawing I did in illustrator. It's sort of a basic human head shape a bit simplified.

I tried to follow this tutorial to use the free form too off of a rotated surface of a oblong sphere, but I kept getting errors saying I couldn't use the freeform too (even though she could in it!) Makings of a mouse head

I'm at my wits end, maybe that not even the best way to do it. I am not sure. I tried a variety of lofts too, but they required a ending and I kept getting errors as well, or couldn't get multiples to work. This is probably a 3 min job for someone who isn't a newbie, so could someone please help me through the steps on how to model this? It's about 2inches in height and 1.5 inches wide.

I just need the shape of the head, I am sure I can get the "goggles" done myself by projecting onto the surface and bringing it out like the tutorial did for the mouth I showed you... but the shape of the head I can't get to work! It's needs to be a surface or hollow shape as it needs to have walls of about .1 inches.

Thanks so much in advance!