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Help with modeling of motorbike fairing


New member
I've been designing a motorbike as an on and off hobby (mostly off) for a lot of years.
I'm almost finished now, but I need some help with the front fairing.
I've got it very close to what I want, but I want all of the edges rounded off.

This is as close as I've got.

Almost all of the corners are wrong. (The bottom corner in the image below is the only corner that is correct).

I've managed to (sort of) repair two of those bad corners by editing the splines, but I'm not good with splines and they're both not perfect (Ive only managed to correct the outside splines).

The inside has lots of errors.

This corner is the most complicated and it's mostly wrong because the faces don't meet properly to start with.

Same corner from another angle, it's a total mess.

It would be easier to fix these errors by starting the model from scratch as a lot of the faces are not where they should be.
Below, the curve should follow the blue line.

Here are the preffered curve radii.
The outside edge all the way round is 2.5mm (the overall thickness is 5mm).
So there are a few variable radius edges going from 10mm to 2.5mm.

Here are part files if you fancy a try.

swx 2010 part

And a parasolid

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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