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Help with surfacing


New member
Hi All,

A friend of mine is doing a college course and he has an assignment to surface model a table lamp. Unfortunately he is stuck and has asked me if I could have a look at it. Sadly, my experience of Solidworks does not include surface modelling as it is something that is not needed for my job.

Can anyone suggest a few steps that would help me create the lamp shade section. If I can successfully create that myself (and understand what I am doing in the process), I can hopefully pass on the information in less technical detail so that hopefully he can have a go himself without me having to step in and show him.

I work with Solidworks 2008 (yes, I know it's an antique but work can't afford to upgrade) but I believe my college friend is using either 2013 or 2014. I'm guessing that if it can be done in 2008 then it should be able to be done in 2013/2014.

Attached is a picture of the lamp detail.

Many thanks.




New member
I've managed to surface the base and the stand quite easily.
The base was simply a surface-revolve from a single sketch. I did the bent stand using surface-sweep with the profile on the base top and the profile on the front plane. Any takers on what I need to do with the shade? As I said, surfacing isn't my thing but just some pointers on what I would need to do to create the shade (i.e. what type of surface and what planes the sketch(es) would go). Anything to get me going in the right direction would be a bonus.


Table Lamp.jpg