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Holes in a sphere at an angle


New member
I need some help with making two holes in a sphere.
The two holes intersects each other in the center of the sphere and they are separated with an angle of 15 degrees like a X.
The center hole is Ø 6 mm and the sphere is Ø 17 mm.
Now I need to join these two holes so it becomes a slot with vertical sides and angled radius sides, the slot then becomes 8 mm long and with radius 3 mm.
I have tried almost every way but cant find the right solution.
Any one who can help me with this?

It looks something like this

View attachment kopplingsstang.bmp

Im using Solidworks 2013

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New member
  1. Create your sphere revolving a half circle sketch.
  2. On the front plane, draw a 7.5 degree line from vertical and close the sketch.
  3. Create a plane at the end point of the angled line and normal to it.
  4. Draw your 6 mm circle on this new plane and extrude cut it through the sphere.
  5. Then mirror the extrude cut over the right plane.
  6. Create another plane that is parallel to the top plane and tangent to the sphere.
  7. Create a sketch on this plane and convert entities and select the edges of the extruded cut that are on your sphere surface. Connect your two holes with horizontal lines and trim off the curves that intersect these lines. Create another sketch on the top plane with a circle of 6 mm.
  8. You'll be using a lofted cut for the next step so you'll want to create some guide curves.
  9. Once you loft from the tangent plane to the top plane, you'll have to mirror this lofted cut over the top plane to get the other side.

I've attached a PDF with a sequence of images for you to follow along.