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Hollow pyramid



I'd like to create something like a hollow 4-sided pyramid with a flattened top. It seems like there are basically two ways to approach this: trapezoidal extrusion cuts from the side, or a vertical stack of layers and create a loft between the pyramid base and top.

Using the trapezoidal extrusion cut, I can't see an easy way to specify the thickness of the pyramid walls.

Does anyone have any tips for how to approach this? Would a loft be the easiest thing?


New member
I think the easiest way to achieve what you are looking for is to make a solid extrusion of the pyramid, then use shell command.
-extrude a triangle
-cut extrude perpendicular to first extrusion to get the pyramid shape
-chop off the top
-shell command (make sure not to select any faces). You can specify
thickness at this point.