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How can Area/Volume calculation be retrieved ?


New member
How can Area/Volume calculation be retrieved ? *to be deleted*

Hi, i'm new to 3D, new to Rhino and new to this forum but i'd like to post a question nonetheless.

I'd like to derive the smallest area or volume of a Boundingbox around an object.
To accomplish this it would require rotating the object in small steps, recreating a boundingbox and comparing the results.
Therefore, it would be necessary to store the intermediate Boundingboxes area or volume calculations.
As i see it now, these calculations ( using '_Area' or '_Volume' ) disappear into the History and cannot be retrieved ...
I wouldn't want to write code for calculating these measures while they're right under my nose :p

Any suggestions would be welcome.

resolved using the appropriate Boundingbox points array for volume and area./
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