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How can find Volume from Join surface


I need some help from member, I am very new on this Catia V5.
I have a problem when join each surface together, can not find the volume of that object.
But can find on totally surface may be I missing some process.
Please help to instruct me what thing I am wrong.

PS1 I am trying to use the other tool on Volumes tool bar with closed surface function but it did not work.
It reported that Selected body cannot be closed by a planar face,Check all body opening for planarity.
PS2 My IGS file is use for Surfboard CNC project, it have a lot of curve. May be each surface have some gap but they can pass join function with 0.001 option.


Super Moderator
Freewind, I haven't used the Volume tools very much at all in CATIA V5 so I can't help you with that.

I would suggest using the Join tool instead to join all the surfaces into a single surface. As you said, you will probably have to adjust the gap distance in order to eliminate any gaps between the surface edges.

Once you have a closed Join, just use the Inertia tool to measure the volume within the Join.