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How can I change Normal arrow direction at draft analysis in catia V5


New member
I want to use analysis under running point comment to see the draft angle on the surface but I dont understand very well. can someone help me about this issue ?
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Here's a quick tutorial in GrabCad that will get you started: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/can-anyone-explain-draft-analysis-in-catia-v5

In Step 6 you see colors applied to the part. Normally (depending on how the colors are set); green faces have enough draft to be removed from the mold, blue faces are at the draft angle limits, and red faces cannot be removed from the mold.
It was not what I asked actually. but thank you for info. I was asking how to change the direction of Normal arrow (shown in green color in the picture I attached)


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The Running Point arrows are based on the shape of the surface at that location. None of the arrows can be reversed, or modified; it's just measuring the directions at the current location of the surface.
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