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How can I save changes to multiple parts from the assembly?


New member
OK so what I am trying to do is extrude cut a hole from assemblies through 2 parts so it would be in the same position as I have a lot of round contours it would be hard to match them up on the separate parts exactly and I would like the parts to save the changes made to them outside of the assembly. It will cut through both parts in the assembly the way I would like but if I open up the part the changes are not made to the part itself, its only in the assembly.
If anyone can tell me how I can do this that would be great.



New member
You can't do this like that.

First step, you have to "edit component" on assembly. Choice the componente you have to hole, and click on "edit component".
In this step you are working on the part you chosen but without quit the assembly. After that, select the face you have to hole, make the sketch and cut-extrude it. "Edit component" again to exit the part edition.

Second step, click on the second component you want to hole, and "edit component" with this one too.
Chose the face, sketch, and take the hole sketch of the component you edited before on first step. Now click on "Convert Entities".
The sketch appears with the same size and placement of the first one. "Extrude-cut" the part. Exit de edition by clicking on "Edit component".

It's done. Now when you change the size or the place of the hole on the first part, the second component will be changed too.

Don't Forget "Edit component". Only by this way the parts will be edited on the assembly and will take the changes when you'll open them.